Taking Time Out

Today I took time out from the computer and the farm and went to see a movie.  It was a wonderful movie challenging many responses or feelings we might have towards others and  our understanding of the character of God.  I thought it was a wonderful movie and well worth the time out. In fact I thought it was so good and so well executed that I would like to go again and take some other friends with me.  If you have not seen it yet you really must put it on your list of must sees. Take along some tissues  and some friends to chat with over a coffee afterwards.

I have included the trailer for you to get a sneak preview  so take some time out from whatever it is you do, grab a few friends and enjoy a good movie.

I’d love to hear from you afterwards as to how you perceived it.

I read the book some years ago and enjoyed it. Usually I find a film is disappointing after a book but not this time. The movie was much better than the book. I hope you enjoy it too




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