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Common sense  must prevail when it comes to drones for regular use.. There has to be some laws and guide lines and some training governing their use.


The pic to the left might be a cartoon but it could be a reality.  So if you are thinking about purchasing a drone you must also think about educating yourself on the legal requirements and on the safe  operation of the drone .

None of us want to be in a world where there are swarms of drones flying randomly overhead.




Every kid is going to want one and every parent will need to show some restraint.

Drones have practical applications and should be regarded as a tool like a tractor or quad bike or chainsaw. You need to be a licensed operator and obey the protocols in place for their use.

Agricultural drones have clearly defined roles and can be a very important tool for modern farmers. They are an expensive item and need to be respected and cared for diligently.

The best agricultural drones for you are those that will serve your particular farm and the best agricultural drones will be those operated according to the specifications of the craft within the legal parameters..


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