A New Age in Agriculture

Agriculture like everything else has had to make radical changes in management.  The industry is becoming more regulated and with new demands about to be put on farmers to manage biosecurity on their farm, drones will become a necessary tool and essential tool.

Some Benefits of Drones:

  • check over a mob of calving cows while you are having breakfast so that you can prioritise your  proceedures for the day.
  • inspect a paddock to determine the amount of feed available.
  • locate sick animals
  • monitor weed species and their location
  • check fences and gates , you can see when a tree has fallen over a fence causing a short in the wire.
  • easily inform contractors or workers of work that needs to be done.
  • save valuable time for the operator.
  • safer than a quad bike and more efficient

The new regulations  being introduced around farm biosecurity will require every farmer to keep comprehensive records, that means more time in the office and less time in the field.  Therefore anything which will help with that has to be a good and sensible investment for your farm business if you are going to remain competitive.

Another issue for todays farmers is their age. According to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics the average age of Aussie farmers is 56, that is 17 years above the average of 39 for other occupations. That could  mean for some that they become more risk prone for accidents, they will be more tired, less alert and less efficient. The drone will help address some of that by doing a lot of the monitoring over the property particularly over the less accessible parts.

Farmers need to work smarter not harder

A graph showing work accident comparisons
Graph taken from https://www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/statistics-and-research/statistics/fatalities/fatality-statistics

Stay ahead of the game : Work smarter not harder.

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