New DJI drones: the best drones to buy

What is the best drone to buy?
DJI are working constantly to improve their range of drones available for users.

They are the leading supplier of drones in the market place today.
With Christmas just a few months away it is a very good time to think about what to buy that special person in your life who has everything.

Perhaps you have a son or daughter who would like to cultivate an interest in photography, or you have a farmer in the family and you would like to help make their work load a little lighter.

Whatever the reason there are many different types of drones available to suit your requirements.

On my website I have focused mainly on the application of drones in the agriculture sector but there are many more uses for them.  I will list some below.

  • Real Estate Agents: To get great photos of the property you want too sell,  drones will give you a distinct advantage over your competing agents. It is much cheaper than hiring a helicopter to do the same and you can control it yourself to get the perfect shot. It may be the difference between making a sale or not making a sale.

 A birds eye view of a property I have for sale taken with a drone.

  • Travel Agents.: There is no better way to view an area you want to promote than using a drone to capture the perfect vision  of it.  One picture is worth a 1000 words they say so one good  aerial photograph is worth more than a long spiel of waffle trying to promote a property.


  • Wedding Photographers. A drone will give you cutting edge  advantages to capture those moments in a wedding  in an outdoor setting that cannot be achieved at ground level.  It will add an extra dimension to the range of photographs you have for the couple to choose from for their album.

Some wedding pics taken by a drone from Google images.


  •  Bird watchers      Fly above an eagles nest and capture incredible images of the young eagles  during the various stages in the nest to when the mother throws them out to learn to fly. Take your drone to explore areas where you cannot reach on foot to  be in the unique position to get images that no one else can unless they have a drone too.


  •  Farmer and Agricultural workers of all fields,              Whether you raise cattle, sheep or goats or whether you are cropping or market gardening a drone is a wonderful advantage to check what is happening on the farm. You can see where those wild dogs or foxes are getting through the fence  to attack your young lambs or kid goats or chickens.      You can use them to move a mob of cattle or sheep.   You can monitor the progress of your crops and be aware of areas of weed infestation.


  •     Traffic  accidents    For the police or ambulance drivers to get a quick understanding of  the extent and nature of an accident a drone can send back information in a very short amount of time with the potential to save a life.  This is also helpful when someone has fallen down a cliff face or is in some other predicament a drone can be first on the scene and can relay information back to rescuers   in a short amount of time giving the victim a sense that help is on the way and perhaps saving a life.


  •  Teachers  The education of the future generation is greatly enhanced by the use of drones to explore a theme to its fullest and give children a real perspective of what is happening on the ground  and in their world.  If teachers really want to motivate their students they need to use modern up to date technologies to stimulate their interest and engage them fully in the learning experience.

Using drones in the classroom


  •   Lifesavers at the beach      What an advantage to be able to see the presence of sharks before they are among the swimmers in the local beach on a hot Summers day.   You could even use a drone to transport a life saving device to a victim caught in a rip tide while help is on the way.

Drones at the beach

  • Competition for you      Your turn to think up some other applications for drones.        If you have some other ideas please add them in the comments box below.  Leave you email so we can get in contact because I am going to be giving away a DJI Mavic to  one lucky person who can  come up  a unique list of applications for drones.
  • DJI    also have some competitions on the go at the moment so get on board and have a go.


  • Share this page with your friends for an extra chance to win.
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6 Thoughts to “New DJI drones: the best drones to buy”

  1. Jacob Schilling

    Excellent article, It truly is unique what can be done with drones these days! Some uses I could think of using drones, they are similar to yours as it requires a lot of photography, but I was thinking that maybe if a company was creating a video game and they wanted to get pictures of an area on planet earth, they could use drones to get specific photos of specific angles and such! Then graphic designers could use those photos to emulate and create the graphics and textures.

    1. admin

      Thank you Jacob, and thank you for your suggestion. That’s a really neat idea , it would require some expertise on both sides of the project to do but would be well worth it.  .  

  2. Luna

    I am really fascinated by this post. I had no idea that Drones could be used for so many different projects. I know that my husband would get excited about drones flying over his farm to keep watch of the things that go on. He does not di farming anymore.

    My daughter is in Real Estate, I will be certain to introduce hor to your post.

    Good Read

    1. admin

      Thankyou Luna, I fin them fascinating too and I am just short of 70. We run two farms and we are both getting older so drones are the way to reduce work load.

  3. Since drones are mainstream now, it is in one’s best interest to know all about them rather than thinking of them as a trend. I know nothing about them but from this article, I can see how they are going to bring change to our lives both positively and negatively.

    What drone would you recommend for laymen?

    1. admin

      Thankyou for your comment Maurice,. I think the DJI Mavic is best to start with because it is compact, sturdy and easy to use.

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