Technology in the future!

Can You Imagine the future?

This could be whats ahead for all of us, maybe cars and roads will become a thing of the past and we will all just hop on our drone to go to whatever destination we have in mind. The mind boggles.

Farming can be fun

It would be a lot of fun going around the farm on one of these. I currently ride around the farm on a quad bike but these are very dangerous vehicles.  My husband, my son and I have all had nasty accidents on quad bikes.  They only have to go over a rock or depression in the ground and they can flip.

With the drone means of transport it would not matter what the terrain was like, we would ride above it. We could fly over dams and trees and easily cut off those animals who might get an idea to take off in a different direction.

I think with improvement they would revolutionize the way we get around  our farms.

With a camera drone we can locate an animal in trouble then we can grab the treatment needed and fly directly to  the  sick animal and  give her life saving medicine.  We could fly behind a mob of cows or sheep and direct them back to the yards to carry out treatment regimes such as vaccines or fitting identification tags. I think the future is exciting and only limited by our imagination.

Future use of drones for leisure

Drones would also make a fun leisure vehicle for  people just wanting to have a bit of adventure.

The future for drones and the use of them in our everyday lives is limitless . Who would have dreamed that we would be hopping on little flying contraptions to go to the beach or visit a friend?

Like I said earlier the possibilities are mind boggling.. The opportunities to work or play with drones will be immense.  The people living in the 1800’s may never have dreamed they would be riding around in motorized vehicles but by the turn of the century they were.  Here we are in the year 2017  trying to picture people flying around in drones to do  everyday things.  In my life time I have seen many technological changes and each one amazes me.  The mobile phone has to be the most revolutionary device so far as it has opened up communication between people in every country.  I do not imagine drones will have the same impact as the mobile phone but they will certainly have a place.

The technology of the future is wide open to the imagination and creativity of people who are well versed in technological change as they work together to make our lives easier and more efficient.

Here are some examples of inventions for manned drones that people may be using in the future.


I  hope you enjoy imagining the future with drones. It makes you wonder what else we will be doing in 10 or 20 years time.  The possibilities are mind boggling. We may be using drones for work and play , they may become as commonplace as motorbikes are today.

We can  only imagine.

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