Gas Guzzling Carbon Emitting Cars Are Banned : Headline in the Future

Gas Guzzling Carbon Emitting Cars Are Banned:

 In their place are drones which can seat up to 7 people.

This could just be a headline we will see in our newspapers and on our television screens in the future.

Technology is advancing at such a pace that it is no longer just the thing of dreams or science fiction movies but it is becoming a reality.

We may one day be riding around in vehicles that can hover in the air and take us to our desired destination.

Take a look at the following video portraying some of the amazing new inventions in transport.


These are just a few of  the many different designs being worked on right now.

This site is primarily about drones in Agriculture and so I have sidetracked a little Lets get back from being in the future to meeting our needs right now in the present..

Agricultural Drones: Farming Today

The advancement in new technologies for agriculture is seeing  more and more the use of remote controlled drones. As they become more and affordable farmers are beginning to embrace the technology, which is revolutionizing the way they operate the farm. Farmers  can now efficiently monitor their crops to determine the health and status of the crop without having to pay for a manned vehicle or satellite to give them the feedback they need. They can gather information quickly by sending a drone over a crop hovering just above the crop, so that they can get  more accurate imaging.

The information can be collected at regular intervals and thus provide some useful data in determining the rate of growth and the prevalence of invasive pests and weeds.

There are drones which will monitor  crop health and perform analysis of it and other drones which can be used to spray trouble spots for weeds. The big advantage is that the farmer does not need to leave the office, he can have the information sent immediately back to his computer and make decisions on actions which need to be taken as a consequence of that feed back.

The drone can be programmed to work in sync with an agricultural management program and with the need to keep on top of bio-security regulations , is proving to be an extremely valuable asset to the farm operation.

Extra Benefits:

Many Farmers will Be using drones in the future

  • Because drones are able to monitor crops regularly through the various stages of crop growth, the farmer can identify and take appropriate action before a problem takes hold, thus allowing him to see increased yield.
  • Drones are efficient and can cut down on the number of staff required to operate the farm., thus saving money .
  • They will pay for themselves in the first year of operation.
  • They are easy to use and most farmers actually enjoy seeing their farm from a different perspective.
  • Most farms already have a mapping program installed and the drone can be integrated with that.
  • Animal farmers, can quickly identify when a problem arises within the herd  and deal with it before it is too late.
  • Drones could also act as a security device to provide surveillance of boundaries and keep an eye out for evidence of stock theft.

Now is the Time to Purchase your First Drone.

Black Friday sales are on, so make the most of the opportunity  and be in time for Christmas.

Take a look at some of the great offers available now


















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