Drones for Sale

The winter drone sale is on and it is your chance to get a drone at a well reduced price.  

A whopping 30% off DJI drones 

Reliable and Professional

If you want a reliable and professional standard drone, the DJI range are definitely the best available. They will cost a bit more than the cheaper drones on the market but you do get what you pay for and the DJI Inspire is one you will find hard to beat  for reliability and durability.


It is suited to many different applications such as news event filming, farm overseeing, wedding photography and travel promotion video.  The DJI Inspire will fully satisfy  for each of these applications and more. you will not be disappointed with this one.

It weighs about 3 kilos and has a rotor span of around 45 centimeters between each motor.

Registration Required

This model does need to be registered before flying outdoors as it  is capable of flying to 5000 meters which is in the area where it can begin to interfere with commercial aircraft.  The Inspire will continue flying for  almost half an hour when you will either need to change or recharge the battery. It has a dual battery system which powers the camera,  sensors  and stabilizers along with the motors.

Key Features

The carbon fiber propellors are extremely durable and should remain in tact in the event of an accident.

The DJI inspire has many more key features to delight discerning buyers who want a professional piece of equipment that will give them a guaranteed advantage for quality vision and video footage.

If you want the best then DJI is it. Check out all the options available at the DJI store and examine the facts for yourself.

Talk to DJI today.    




  This is an added option you will find well worth taking up with DJI  to secure ongoing support and get exclusive discounts. 

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2 Thoughts to “Drones for Sale”

  1. Healthy Freelancers

    Hey! Great article! I’ve been thinking about getting a drone but was wondering if there was some type of class I needed to take or a certification to get. I guess I could understand that they wouldn’t want a ton of people flying these things over everyone’s head. I apologize if that’s a silly question. I’ve just started looking into them and haven’t made it very far. I appreciate your help and all the best!

    1. admin

      Thank you for your response. Anyone can have a drone but depending on the height they can reach determines whether or not you need special certification to fly them. If you purchase from a reputable company they will inform you of all the limitations of the drone you choose.  Be informed and choose wisely. I like the little DJI Mavic as a starter. It is very versatile and easy to operate. 

      You could use it as a business tool, doing photography for weddings  or business promotions like real estate or travel.

      Have fun and enjoy your toy/ asset when you decide. 

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