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 Drones: a versatile tool for your business or a fun hobby for your family

This is a new age with new and technologically advanced tools to make our lives easier and also create more enjoyment in what we do both in and out of the workplace.

Read about different types of drones and their different applications and think about whether they would be right for you with your current situation.

They may make your life so much easier, saving you time and money and enabling you to have more time to do other things.

They will make your life more fun as you explore and experience all the possibilities of owning a drone.

You could have a side line hobby of photography for weddings or real estate .

You could check out a property from the air before you purchase.

You can create your own movies of your favorite destinations and share them or sell them.

You will think of many other possibilities as you become more competent at using your drone.

Explore the possibilities, have fun and become professional.




RJX Agricultural Sprayer UAV Drone with GPS





This very useful drone is perfect for agricultural pursuits where random weed infestations need to be  eradicated.

Folded this apparatus measure: 63 x 63 x 58 cm

The rotor diameter: 711 mm and the wheel base takes 1.2 meters

When empty it weights 10 kg and when filled ready for take off weighs 23 kg. carrying 10 liters of spray.

It has a lithium polymer battery which weighs 3 kg. and will work for up to 25 minutes on load operating at 6-8 meters per second.


Field Hawk Ag+

This little whizz is perfect for farm mapping having been designed and built for Ag professionals .

It is an easy to operate drone with an integrated camera system  giving you optimum images to map out an area and is able to cover 160 acres on a single charge lasting 25 minutes.

This is a real gem for farmers because of its light weight, its efficiency and the quality of images. You will not be disappointed  with this ideal purpose built camera drone.

There are many more available so check out the links below. 



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