Technology Takes Off on the Farm


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Some people think that farmers are hick and uneducated but let me tell you they are anything but. Farmers need to be well versed and competent in many areas. They are managing multi million dollar enterprises  and they need to be very switched on or they will rapidly go down the gurgler.

Modern farmers need to be skilled in animal husbandry and animal health, soil health  and plant and weed species, budgeting, mechanics, fencing, and be competent with computer data entry, farm mapping and recording.

To be efficient and profitable in the modern world they have to be able to embrace new technologies and apply them in their business operation. With biosecurity becoming a major issue modern farmers need to be well versed in disease management and pest and weed control measures. This requires regular monitoring and recording of whats is happening on the ground.

Farms are getting bigger in area and the numbers of livestock are increasing as the farm has had to be more productive and efficient.  With an ever increasing world population the demand for food and other primary products  such as wool and cotton will continue to increase To keep up with this ever increasing demand farmers need to employ more efficient and cost effective means of monitoring their day to day operation. .

Maintaining fences and eradicating weeds are essential tasks that need to be kept up on every farm. There are hundreds of kilometers of fencing which need to be checked to maintain stock security and hundreds of acres of pasture that if infested with weeds will not produce nutritous feed for the animals.

Modern technology has come to the rescue with the innovative use of drones which can almost replace a labour unit in keeping up with the monitoring of fences and pasture. They can also be used to move stock when the feed available in the current paddock is consumed and fresh feed is required. They can ensure there is adequate water supply for the animals and detect any sick or injured animals .all without the farmer needing to leave his home and in much less time.

Drones will rapidly be taken up as a necessary piece of equipment on every viable and efficient farm.  The use of drone technology can save the modern farmer many hours of time spent physically inspecting fences , pasture and livestock and he can use the information beaming back to his office computer to prioritise his work program for each day.

Drone technology is being used not just for monitoring but also for spraying crops to eradicate pests or weeds and has proven to be very effective as.they can maintain an even distance above the crop to ensure an  even distribution of the spray which in itself is often very expensive.. They can also work over difficult or uneven terrain  thus eliminating the need to work dangerous areas on a quad bike or tractor. This is another big plus as farm accidents have been a major concern over the past 20 years as farmers have endeavoured to do all these tasks themselves travelling around on a quad bike.

My husband and I and our son have all had serious quad bike accidents which meant a lot of lost time in hospital and time away from the business,without the cost of on going medical care and rehabilitation.

In the coming years you will see more and more farmers sending drones out over their farms , they are ready to and already are embracing this relatively new technology with gusto and enthusiasm.


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2 Thoughts to “Technology Takes Off on the Farm”

  1. Neil

    Wow! This is so cool. I would never have imagined drones finding a home on a farm, but it makes total sense now that I think about it. If someone was to get started with drones, what are the characteristics I should look for in a good “beginner” drone? Can a drone be automated? I imagine if so that would be a more advanced model, but that’d be great! You’re right that farmers are thought of in certain negative ways, but that’s so far from the truth.

    1. admin

      Thankyou for taking time to comment. I value all feedback as I am just starting out with WA .

      Biosecurity requirements mean we have to be constantly monitoring so you can get safe food. 

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