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This is us and we are very pleased to have you visit.

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Welcome to my page. I have developed this site out of a lifetime of experience in the agricultural sector. So on this page I am going to tell you a little of my story.

I grew up on a soldier settlement farm with 4 siblings We were all involved in the farm in some way. Either by assisting on farm or in house. I experienced first hand how hard it was working on farm and decided I would not, no way would I marry a farmer.  I had to eat those words because it was a farmer I fell in love with and we have now been married and farming for 49 years.

We started out as dairy farmers in 1969 with our first farm of 200 acres miking 200 cows.   We had three children while working this property.

We soon added to that with 2 more 200 acre properties and finally after 10 years we sold those and bought one 600 acre property.   As soon as this was paid for we bought another 600 acre grazing property and  continued to milk cows  until we decided it was time to change our enterprise to beef and sheep grazing as we were beginning to feel the effects of  age .

Our children have all grown up now and have children of their own and are each pursuing their own interests. Our interests have extended beyond the farms to our 7 grandchildren and 1 great grand child.

Farming has been good to us but now as we are reaching retirement  we need to make life easier. We have both had quad bike accidents so are fully aware of the dangers involved. Time is precious to us so we need to make the job of farming easier for us to have the extra time we need for family and for holidays.

Another issue we face is  the extra demands being put on farmers to follow strict biosecurity  guidelines and being required to keep more comprehensive records of all that is happening on farm.

That’s where the drones come in. We believe drones will enable farmers to be able to enjoy a little more time in the home while the farm is being observed and monitored from above.

So we set out to research the best available for farmers  and we want to share that research with you.


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